Employability Skills

Employability skills have been identified as universal skills that lead to work-ready graduates and are required to be integrated into the education of students in Indiana. There are 18 Indiana Employability Skills (illustrated in the graphic to the right) which teachers guide students through short lessons and activities to develop competencies and skills that align to the Indiana Employability Skills. Teachers and students also have access to learning modules that tell stories and narratives from regional employers, helping students further develop their belief that these Career+™ opportunities are within their reach. For a more detailed look, click on the image to learn more about the 18 Indiana Employability Skills.


Badging Framework

Badges are divided into 140 competencies based on the Indiana Employability Skills for grades K-12. Upon demonstrating mastery, each student earns a badge to reflect the knowledge gained for each competency. Once all competency badges are earned, the student receives the Milestone badge for each skill. When a student receives all 18 Skill Milestone badges they are awarded a Certificate of Completion Badge.

  • Career+™ Pathway Exploration

    As students progress through the Employability Skills and Career+™ Microcredential Badges, they will also explore the career pathways of our regional industry partners. This exploration is facilitated by school assigned Career Advisors and School Counselors. Students will explore their current post-secondary educational decisions and work experiences impact career opportunities, career progressions, and future earning potential. Through a partnership with Ivy Tech, students will be able to explore a postsecondary education pathway that aligns with their career goals.


  • Career+™ Microcredentials

    Microcredentials are short courses developed by Skyepack with the guidance of local employers. They are embedded in the students’ journeys to help ensure the taught curriculum keeps pace with the changing and expanding sets of knowledge and skills local employers need. These microcredentials are aligned to Ivy Tech’s stackable pathways, to accelerate attainment of advanced certificates and degrees. Each microcredential builds upon the previous one, providing a well-rounded skill set to support individuals’ career growth. Participants have the opportunity to unlock their potential, excel in their professions, and embrace new possibilities through this engaging microcredential series.

    When school systems, postsecondary institutions, and employers work together within the Career+™ Ecosystem, the community wins.

There are three microcredentials offered to students:

Next Level

The “Next Level” microcredential serves to educate students about secondary credit requirements and opportunities available so that they can make informed decisions when developing a 4-year plan.

Workplace Communication

Through the “Workplace Communication” microcredential, individuals develop effective communication abilities, mastering verbal, nonverbal, and digital communication techniques crucial for successful professional relationships.

Workplace Leadership

With the “Workplace Leadership” microcredential, participants gain leadership skills from work-based learning opportunities, equipping them to inspire teams, make informed decisions, and navigate complex challenges.

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