World-class manufacturer of advanced engineered solutions and services for transportation, logistics and distribution industries, with capabilities recognized for innovation, reliability and industry expertise.


Quick Facts

Location: Lafayette, IN
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
Products: Trailers, Truck Bodies, & Processing Equipment
Size: 6,500+ employees


Explore some Gateway Jobs that you might find at Wabash:



  • Assembler

    Job Description:  Assemblers perform various tasks here a Wabash that vary from location to location. We have Assemblers that are responsible for anything from installing and assembling subassemblies and component parts to operating rivet punchers to installing decals and much more in between.

  • Material Handler (Forklift Driver)

    Job Description:  Material handlers are tasked to work on a variety of different components that will vary from location to location. Activities include but are not limited to operating heavy machinery such as a: forklifts, tuggers, tractors, hoists, & cranes. Although you will receive appropriate training to operate these heavy vehicles you will not strictly be operating vehicles every shift. Material handlers may also check, store, disburse or fill orders for parts, materials, tool, equipment and supplies.

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